Handscooped pints available instore

New Prices

We have held on to our original prices for more than five years now, charging a flat price across all our flavours, and always striving to bring you the best quality scoop of gelato with generous amounts of mix-ins at good value prices. However, as we continue to face increases in ingredient costs, packaging costs, and rental costs, as well as the costs of various services, we have arrived at a point where this is no longer sustainable for our business, and we must take action in order to safeguard our future.

Starting 1 Jan 2022, some flavours will now be marked as premium, and will be charged an additional $2 a pint.

We value your trust in us, and really thank you for your support.
This little change will go a long way in allowing us to continue making great quality gelato, and continue to keep our mix-ins generous and chunky.
We look forward to crafting even more exciting flavours for you this coming year!